Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life is good....Apreaciate it!!!!

I have been missing from this blog since 2 yrs i guess...hmmmm.. my bad my bad!!! . Lots of task and life experience have been done and finally i'm free to blog again. Why i say life is good? why should we apreaciate it? When you think that you have nothing much to worry about your life, your life is good. When your life is good, you have to apreaciate it rather than thinking to worsen it. I'm not sure what i'm trying to explain here but this is the space for me to release my tension from work, club and etc. I think that its time for me to join any new group and make more friends! Why? i feel that out of 10 person i know, only 5 to 6 can be trusted. How can that be right? I want more sincere friends with since heart!. So, i have make up my mind to join those cell groups and other organizations. For those friends that have lost contact since last year, i'm here to tell you that i have a good life, i eat good, i play good, i drink good and watsoever also good!!>. The only worst part is, MONEY NOT ENOUGH!!.. Being a leader in a organization is never easy for me. I have to face a lot of kind people and characters which i nearly gave up when i took up the post. After being motivated and a bit counselling i guess,haha,, i finally did a good job and 1 year have been passed with meaningful activities and fun!. Thanks to my club members especially those few sisters that been supportive and motivate me!. I think that's all from me...i'm so relieved now and its time to get back and WORK!!...CIAOZ!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yesterday was a ..........@#$$%%^!!!

It was an awful day for me yesterday. My car's tyre puncture. Imagine when i saw my car tyre puncture in the morning, i drove my car all the way to SHELL STATION nearby my HSE and quickly stop at the MACHINE and pump air into the tyre. When i'm just begun to pump air into the tyre, heavy rains suddenly fall from the sky and i was COMPLETELY wet . It was my mistake for didn't spare an UMBRELLA inside the car but HUMAN TENDS TO MAKE MISTAKE. Why am i saying this? why? Because humans only realized they are wrong when the bad things happens to them.when i'm on the way to Sapangar Bay , another bad experience have just begun. My bottle had drop on my NOTEBOOK, it was AWFUL when u see your own RM3K NOTEBOOK showered by the bottle. Without any delay,i stop my car at the side of the road and quickly dried up every single part of the NOTEBOOK. I even opened up the casing and use the BLOWER to dry up the interior parts when i reach office. The note book now so far so good as i'm using it to post my blog now..hehe.

Aproximately 3.30pm , i was suddenly collapsed (fall a sleep) infront of my collegues, it only last for 30 minutes when somebody called my name.

At night, i was in YOYO with a friend . I was there to WATCH those modified CIVICS..listening to their experience and advices for the modification, LOOK at their modified engines . They even shared with me what you should do and don't and many more. IT was fun and i'm getting addicted to CIVICS ..hehe. Hope to be one of them in future..hehe


When i'm on my way home, i saw a white TOYOTA crashed into the drain . I saw the crane are still trying to negotiate about the TOW FEE with the car owner . I can say that the car was really totally wrecked and its time for the owner to BUY a new car!! Ok guys, i have to get my ass back to work.. the next thing isi would like to share with you guys my BACHELOR trip to MANILA!!! Have a nice day people!!. Ciaoz......